Youth Group -Friday Evenings!

Our Youth Group night has moved to Fridays at 6:30 pm in the Gathering Room! For more information on activities check out the Youth section of the bulletin board across from the office or speak to Em Cameron our Youth Leader. Em is also here on Sundays in the ‘Cozy Corner’ of the Gathering Room and invites teens to join her for Sunday School activities. 

Upcoming Youth Activities

  • We are getting to work on our upcoming trivia fundraiser (date still TBD). One thing we need to decide is our theme, so we can start putting together our questions. Any ideas?
  •   With Valentines Day coming up, It would be nice to share a little sweetness with each other. Step one: sometime in the next two weeks, find 1-3 songs that make you happy and send them to me in an email (you can send mp3s, links to the songs online, or just list the title and artist). Make sure you send this just to me, not to the whole group. You can participate in this even if you're not able to attend Youth Group regularly. :)



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