The Casserole Patrol

What is St. Paul’s Casserole Patrol?   Look at it this way…..we’re all in this business of life together.  We all have busy lives and we have to focus on our own problems.  But when was the last time you did something “caring” for a friend, a neighbor, or someone else in our church family just because you were thinking of them?  Remember how good it felt when a neighbor brought over a loaf of fresh bread or a jar of new strawberry preserves for no other reason than “just because”.  That is what the Casserole Patrol is all about.  To be sure, every month we prioritize people in our church family who may benefit a little more from some “caring” in their particular situation, but our goal is also to remind everyone in the congregation and anyone else who might need it that we are thinking of them and we’re glad they are a part of our lives.  So “just because”…. you may get a call one of these days to tell you that you don’t have to cook dinner tomorrow night because the casserole patrol is thinking of you; and someone will stop by after 4PM that day to chat for a minute and deliver good wishes and a casserole.   It might be a good friend or someone you haven’t spoken with in some time.  But we think it may remind you that you might have a little time to do something caring for someone else you know of, and the spirit will go forward.  “If every time a person baked a loaf of bread for themselves, they would bake a second one for someone else; hunger would not be a problem, and what a sense of community we would have!”   And on a personal note, our delivery people have really enjoyed meeting and visiting with church folks they had never met before.  In the first 5 months of the patrol we have reached 80 recipients…only a couple hundred or so left to go!


Right now there are 18 of our St. Paul’s members who get together on the 3rd Thursday of every month to cook and/or deliver a casserole to 16 people (some individuals, some couples or families).  Usually about half go to folks whose situation is stressful in some way, and the rest go out to others in the congregation “just because”.  We also try to put one or two in the freezer for Rev. Gerry to take with him in the event of a crisis situation at a later time, and we have organized a few folks as “standby” casserole cooks who can whip up something on 24 hours notice to help if the need arises.  We have found the project to be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to keep in touch with our St. Paul’s family.  If you know of someone who might need a little extra “caring” from us, or if you would like to participate with us in some way just tell Joanne in the office, and someone will get in touch with you.


How is this financed?  So far the patrol has financed the process themselves.   It costs about $90 a month for food and containers; and if you feel this is a worthwhile project and wish to contribute monetarily, you can simply drop a cheque or envelope in the plate specifying “casserole patrol” on the memo line, and it will be recorded as a contribution on your annual giving statement.  This is direct person-to-person support for our church family and friends, and we hope it will become a permanent part of our church life.