A New Look at Sustaining Our Spiritual Hub

St. Paul’s United Church Community of Faith

A spiritual hub of creativity, discovery and growth

Over the past month, St. Paul's community of faith has begun to embrace a fresh chapter in our quest of becoming a spiritual hub.  With the groundwork for restoration intentionally laid over the past few interim years of transition, we now
welcome a new partnership in ministry with Reverend Gerald Kerr. 


  As we experience God’s growing love in our midst, our circles of outreach and engagement are widening - even as they did spontaneously around the communion table on Reverend Gerry's first service with us!  We are thankful for the countless hours of service the people of St. Paul’s give, which is reflective of that growing love.

In our journey together as a community of faith, financial stability is essential as we pursue our creative ministries of living faith, faith formation, caring, faith in action and sustainability. 

Last year we took a big step forward to meeting all our expenses. This year, due to your generous response to date, we are within reach of achieving a zero deficit! Please see below how you can help make this happen.

Beginning November 3, brief presentations will be made in Sunday worship throughout the month to illustrate what follows in the next two pages – how we can continue to tell our story in a sustainable way.

St. Paul's United Church Community of Faith
A New  Look at  Sustaining Our Spiritual Hub

Telling our Story...

   ...Interconnecting Energies of Our Creative Ministries...

Living Faith Ministry

Celebrating God’s love as a community of faith, through:

worship services

seniors & care homes








$ 99 000 of our Annual Budget is dedicated to the Worship Ministry and

$ 36 out of every $100 we give supports St. Paul’s worship life.

 Faith Formation Ministry

Nurturing each other’s spiritual growth and faith, through:

Sunday groups for young children

nursery care

youth discovery program

Bible studies & adult learning

retreats & workshops

*      choir & music rehearsals

preparation sessions for:  baptism,

 confirmation, membership,  weddings


$ 54 000 of our Annual Budget is dedicated to the Learning Ministry and

$ 20 out of every $100 we give supports Christian nurture.

 Caring Ministry

Sharing God's compassion with people in our community, through:

care & visiting

prayer network

prayer shawls

funeral services

fellowship activities

*      home & hospital visits

support through palliative and grieving periods

$ 68 000 of our Annual Budget is dedicated to the Care Ministry and

$ 25 out of every $100 we give supports St. Paul’s compassionate presence.

Faith in Action Ministry

Encouraging each other to embrace the needs of people outside St Paul’s, through:

Mission & Service(M&S) Fund

community access to our building

benevolent Fund

food banks and white gifts

musical programs

community dinners

Not including direct givings to M&S, $ 24 000 of our Annual Budget goes to outreach & community presence.

 $ 9 out of every $100 we give supports St. Paul’s reaching out to others.

Sustainability Ministry

Managing facilities, human & financial resources to tell the story of our spiritual hub, through:

encouraging volunteers & staff

property oversight

*      administrative support

financial oversight


*      budget planning

$ 29 000 of our Annual Budget is dedicated to the Resource Ministry and

$ 11 out of every $100 we give supports long term visioning.

 …Your Opportunity to Help Build Sustainability

Our Spiritual Hub is energized by creativity through the ministries of living faith, faith formation, caring, faith in action and sustainability.  The goal of financial sustainability to maintain this thriving Spiritual Hub is in sight! 

Already we are 1/3 of the way to reducing this year’s budgeted deficit.  And if recent year-end giving trends continue, this figure will be reduced by another 1/3 by December 31.

Then put simply - on average among our 268 households - the remaining 1/3 (about $19,000) can be met by increasing our 2013 level of donations beyond what we may have otherwise planned, with an amount equivalent to less than $1.50 a week - or $6.00 a month!

Please prayerfully consider your contribution to this objective. We share confidence that all operational costs can be met in a responsible and affordable way, year to year to year - turning the corner on deficits - as our community of faith grows together and our circles widen.