New Aprons for St. Paul's

Thanks to a generous donation from UCW Unit 5 member, Gladys Gemmill, we now have 6 new church aprons. Gladys lives in Brockville and isn't able to attend unit meetings. Unit members keep in touch and some braved terrible winter storm conditions to attend her 95th birthday celebrations.

Gladys sent money to UCW Unit 5 and asked unit members to determine how it would be used. It was decided to purchase 6 aprons. They are full aprons with an adjustable

neck strap and pockets. The aprons are red with “St. Paul's United Church” embroidered on the top in dark purple. Unit 5 hopes that groups and teams in the church will make good use of the aprons when serving food.

At Unit 5’s meeting in April they took these pictures of members wearing the aprons to send to Gladys with a thank you note. Unit 5 president, Ute, will present the aprons to UCW General.

There really are only six aprons. The unit members took turns wearing them and posing for a picture. UCW president Mary Kilgour appears in each picture.