Donating crafts, baking and other items to the Yuletide Fair

The final preparations for the Yuletide Fair are underway. The decorations are planned, the jobs are assigned and now we need your donations. 
  • We will be accepting all donations on Friday, Nov. 25th in the afternoon between 1 and 4. Baking will be accepted between 1 and 5 on Friday or early Saturday morning. We hope to see many of you on Friday and, of course, on Saturday, November 26th at the Fair. 
  • One of the favourite tables is our "TOUCH-AND-TAKE" table. Could you find a couple of items to donate? Wrap a small gift, new or gently used, in Christmas paper and label it by gender/age with a price from 50¢ to $2 (e.g. young boy $1). People choose by shape & feel and have a surprise!
  • We are also looking for items for FROSTY’S ROOM. Donations of a variety of gift items would be appreciated and may be left in the box labelled “Frosty’s Room” in the Reception Room outside the office.
  • Unit 4 needs your help with the CRAFT TABLE. Last year’s Craft Table had excellent sales thanks to your donations of nice scarves, jewellery, books and more. We are adding CDs this year. If you have items to donate label them for Unit 4 and we will be most grateful.
  • We are looking for bags for the Bake Table upstairs and if you have smaller bags we could use for them at the Craft Table.