Dr. John

Rev. Dr. John R. Montgomery

"Dr. John" was our minister at St. Paul's from 1986-2006. He has graciously accepted our invitation to be the guest speaker for our anniversary service on Oct 26th and will share the worship leadership that day with our present minister, Rev. Gerry Kerr.

The following is Dr. John's bio from the MacKay United Church website:

I would describe myself as an "unfinished Christian". I believe that Christianity is a pilgrimage that calls us to follow Jesus in continuously new ways of thinking and spiritual practice. 

My theology is "progressive" meaning that I am always open to having my understanding of truth and love broadened, that I take the Bible "seriously but not literally", and that I believe scripture needs to be continually reinterpreted in the contemporary context in which we find ourselves, a basic Reformation principle semper reformatum or always reforming.

I went into the ministry because of a calling to help people deepen their spiritual lives by experiencing and understanding God in new ways, and to help the church be a vehicle that strives to transform social relationships and foster genuine community.

I was born and raised in Toronto. I have a Bachelor of Arts from York University, a Master of Divinity from Victoria University, a Master of Arts from St. Michael's College, Toronto, and a Ph.D. in Church History from the University of Durham in England. I was ordained in the United Church of Canada in 1982 (Toronto Conference). For four years post-ordination, I was settled in the three-point Little Britain Pastoral Charge near Lindsay, Ontario. I was then called to St. Paul's United Church in Perth, Ontario, where I served for 20 years. MacKay United in Ottawa welcomed me in August, 2006.

I am married to Jane Spencer and we have a blended family of five grown children. I am an avid hiker and trekker, play African hand drums, enjoy travelling to distant lands, and have an eclectic musical taste.

John Montgomery and his wife Jane Spencer