Church History

St. Paul's United Church in Perth was formed in 1926 through the union of Knox Presbyterian and Asbury Methodist congregations, both of which had become United Churches the previous year.

Knox Presbyterian Church was originally formed in 1845 as a Free Presbyterian congregation by Rev. William Bell in 1817. The Knox congregation built St. Paul's present stone church on Gore Street West in 1854. The Asbury Methodist congregation, which had its beginnings in a Methodist circuit established in 1821, built a stone church on Gore Street East in 1884.

In 1926, the combined congregations of Presbyterians and Methodists chose to worship at Knox Presbyterian Church, and decided to rename it "St. Paul's United Church".

The stone walls of St. Paul's have seen much over the years. The historic sanctuary has witnessed the serving of Holy Communion, gratitude and rejoicing at Thanksgiving, and celebration of its heritage through Anniversary Services. Soft candlelight at Advent Services, prayer and sharing at Vesper and White Gift Services, exuberance at Sunday School concerts, and choirs have all presented indelible images, while Christmas Eve Communion Services have enriched the spirit of Christmas for the community.

Palm branch-waving children heralding Palm Sunday, sombre Good Friday Services of Light and Darkness, and triumphant Easter Services have enhanced the meaning of Christian beliefs. Family Sunday Services have highlighted generations of church-goers while Earth Day, Camping Sundays and Environmental /Rural Life Services have created impressions of on-going blessings and responsibilities in God's world.

St. Paul's has witnessed the cycle of life through services for baptisms, weddings, and funerals; while ceremonies for affirmation of ministry, induction, covenanting, confirmation, and dedications have portrayed personal beliefs.

St. Paul's has roots in the historic past of Perth, but has also included in its fellowship many who had come from varied places and walks of life, bringing their own traditions while sharing in St. Paul's life and future.

As a millennial project, St. Paul's published the book, "St. Paul's United Church, Perth-A chronicle of 183 Years, 1817-2000". This book details the life and work of our historic church and can be obtained at the church office.