Cantores Celestes at St. Paul's

Energetic director Kelly Galbraith conducts her choir during an afternoon rehearsal on the day of the performance.
The 43 choir members, Kelly Galbraith,  and accompanist, Ellen Meyer had driven from Toronto that morning. These dedicated choristers had given up their Canada Day long weekend to perform in Perth.  
The Perth concert was a 'warm up'  of sorts before their appearance at the Lincoln Centre in New York City this coming season.
Note that they sing without music in hand.
 Wearing their performance garb, the women of Cantores Celestes are poised to perform the first number of their program. Ellen Meyer is at the Knabbe concert grand in the sanctuary of St. Paul's.
Over 300 attended the concert.

For background information about Cantores Celestes and the concert in Perth click here.
 Ellen Meyer at the piano during the Sunday worship service.
Rev. Camille  Lipsett and Director of Music Brad Mills had thoughtfully chosen hymns that would complement the music of Cantores Celestes.
The choir singing during the worship service. 
  Fellowship coffee time after the service and Brad Mills and Kelly Galbraith are elated about a wonderfully successful concert and worship service. Kelly had enthusiastic things to say about St. Paul's. See her letter below.

In the background, Ruby and Betty on 'coffee duty'. 
The smiling choir members with Kelly Galbraith and Ellen Meyer on the steps of St. Paul's before their return to Toronto. 
Cantores Celestes were received with enthusiasm by their audience , the Sunday morning congregation and by the St. Paul's music team, music director and minister. We all felt very privileged to have them at St. Paul's and  Kelly Galbraith was generous in her praise of the Cantores experience at St. Paul's. Her kind words have caused us to glow with pleasure.

Hi Brad
Thank you for these pics and THANK YOU for a delightful experience for Cantores Celestes and myself.  You, the music committee and the audience and your minister were delightful.  Please pass along my sincerest gratitude to the committee and minister.  I was really impressed with how smoothly everything went.  Sunday morning's message and your choice of hymns were right on the money.  This was by far our best touring experience yet, and that is because of everything you managed to do for us.  Brad, I really do hope that you stay in touch and that you want want us back sometime.  You and the community are now part of our circle.  When I have the pics from  our photographer and the video clips, I promise I will send them to you.
Have a delightful summer and when next you are in TO please let us get together.  I am sure we can hatch a plan for a great music experience.
Take care my friend,